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23rd december 2023

I want to preserve that feeling within an orb, hued pink, flecked with metals swirling inside. Laughter and love.

9th december 2023

you are an angel. beware of those who collect feathers.

6th december 2023

the underlying reality of all things. my scalp tingles with stars, like an angel is breathing on me.

3rd december 2023

the soul is glowing, it is glowing. walk through the castle and make flowers bloom from in between the cracks of stone. raise my hands and towers emerge from the soft earth outside

16th november 2023

I keep hearing this angelic opera song from my memories, it's haunting. I hope I remember it soon.

15th november 2023

the clouds opened up in the evening and light glowed through. the universe is a song, vibrational frequencies. mathematics

13th november 2023

vision of a white light overhead me. guardian angels close and near

13th november 2023

my eyes are everywhere

12th november 2023

in a pondersome mood

24th december 2022

oh the soul is glowing i can feel every single atom within me

22nd April 2022

renouncement of renouncing

22nd April 2022

im ready to rip off the human flesh form and let the transcendental soul form scream and sing

8th February 2022

how holy, how sacred, and how words and vocabulary can dull. silence however, filled with a hidden orchestra

22nd December 2021

the labyrinth was really complex but I’m super glad to have made it to the party

22nd December 2021

writhing with mental pleasure

22nd December 2021

gilded hands on my shoulders

22nd December 2021

i am running through the woods and letting the thorns scrape against my skin

14th December 2021

bursting out of the skin with light beams coming out of every pore

2nd December 2021

breaking through the roots of the ground and erupting to the surface and taking a breath of fresh air while butterflies gather

2nd December 2021

swaying my body to the currents of the light and love beam emotional stream

11th November 2021

don’t forget who you are

11th November 2021

something about wine and 11th century literature

27th September 2021

perpetual amazement

9th September 202

sweet spirit dew

2nd September 2021

roped landscape of a thousand glittering strings connected by synapses

30th June 2021

tears of memories dropping to the floor like a broken pearl necklace