hypnagogic chamber

3.12.2024 / Had a dream about soil and vegetation growing underground, above ground, mushrooms and plants, inner workings of the complexities of nature, lost in a fashion show, big street, a hotel with a maze, more plants

11.14.2023 / i was in space, lots of glittering lights

11.13.2023 / angels towered over with incense

11.12.2023 / angels watched me sleep / lucid dream, could see myself from above. i felt peaceful

9.23.21 / A doppelganger of me would not look at me, but rather communicated telepathically. I was asleep while the doppelganger was awake. When I awoke in the dream, I watched a sun rise next to a body of water.

9.12.21 / Inside a dark, damp dragons den. I feel the hot hair of the nostrils exhaling and inhaling. It feels safe and homely, and the dragon is large.

9.11.21 / Inside a waiting room that is black and white. There are chairs arranged against the wall, and a small window with glass and a speaking hole. A man in a suit is at the desk, and states I am the one to know what is through the door next to him.

9.11.21 / Outside in a forest. Many people standing around, and in the corner of my eye is a man dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit with a tie. I am not allowed to see his face.

9.10.21 / In an alien-like room with a cyan glow. There is an interface system that is round shaped. Through a window I see flora that does not look like earth.