As I recline beneath the frigid rain,
With vaporous mist ascending from the soil,
These arboreal sentinels swaying.
I shutter my eyes, and

As black ink unfurls upon a white canvas,
Rushing toward me with celerity,
Unveiling realms upon realms,
Nested within dreams upon dreams.

Celestial heavens unfurl within my mind's eye,
ethereal splendor,
Infinite seraphim, swirling hand in hand,
Lifting their feet and leaping in a circular dance.
Casting glances imbued with mirth,

A wink that hints the guise they wear,
For beneath lies their true essence.
Cherubim serenade with dulcet tones,
Humanity below, bowed in reverence,

Keeled over with pen in hand
by the glow of candle flame,
This grand waltz through the ballroom,
Tears of jubilation and bliss,

Those hyperborean giants, as witnessed ere now,
Still emit groans and laments,
Much like the roots of trees.
Shifting the weighty boulder to unveil,

Steps descending to the subterranean depths,
Where benevolent beasts repose,
And stalagmites drip into crystalline pools,
Listening to the molten core exhale,

Just as the innermost recesses of my being,
Barefoot, only silence here,
Down to the very molecule,
Yet stretching skyward to the cosmic expanse.

This whimsical ballet of existence,
That grin,
Catapulted into the heavens,
Sedated and languid,
Absurd, yet all-encompassing,
Simultaneously everything and nothing.