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let us enjoy tea together.
gaze below for tea notes.


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Picture Type of Tea Tea Notes Personal Rating
Tea Image 1 dragon pearl jasmine light and refreshing, dainty. you feel transported to a room full of scrolls of calligraphy, or tomes of manuscripts. it is sensual. 4.5
Tea Image 2 ippodo matcha - ikuyo rich and earthy flavor with a touch of sweet. invigorating yet relaxing 4
Tea Image 3 ippodo matcha - ummon sweet and umami. absolutely lovely... 4.9
Tea Image 4 ippodo matcha - seiun an everyday enjoyment, but not as good as ummon. 4.6
Tea Image 5 garden therapy chamomile, peppermint, and verbena. soothing for a cold day. 3.9
Tea Image 6 ITOEN oi ocha reliable, delicious everyday green tea. it is made well, and has a soothing effect. 4.2
Tea Image 7 ippodo genmaicha umami, earthy, luxurious...genmaicha that has been cared for. fantastic any time of the day, but I adore it while reading or painting, or surrounded by shadows with a single lamp on. 5
Tea Image 8 cherry blossom green tea earthy with a light floral taste, but not my favorite. this would be well on a summer day. probably my least favorite. 2
Tea Image 9 royal tea czar nicolas II ceylon black others say, the aroma of this is intoxicating. t is like a godly liquid of candied bergamot peels that have laid with flowers dripping with dew from an overnight rain,an early morning winter's chill fluttering the petals, and it brings a great warmth to the soul 5
Tea Image 10 snootea European Pear Tea purchased in Tokyo on a whim. black tea from Sri Lanka, prepared in Japan. it gives me the feeling of cutting open a fresh pear, with fresh dew on it. the juices go down the knife and your fingers, and a fresh spring breeze blows through the trees. there is a sense of wonder and relaxation when you drink a cup of this. the image of snoopy brings joy, the comic on the front of the tin says "I enjoy the way they travel together" 4
Tea Image 10 snootea European Rose Tea also purchased from a cute little shop in Tokyo. snoopy is depicted holding a bouquet of roses on the front. this is a wonderful, wonderful rose tea. I am unfortunately all out of it, and the next time to purchase will be on my next trip to Japan. the makers of this tea perfected the taste of a candied rose - not too sweet however, just the right amount. it brings happiness. 4
Tea Image 10 Czar Nikolas II Premium St. Valentine after enjoying the royal czar nikolas II tea above, which I adore so much, I figured I would venture and try the other variations. this one, St. Valentine, has rose petals and safflower in the blend. the first time, I made too much, and it was extremely intense. use only one small teaspoon, and this tea brings you into a mansion's rose garden, butterflies everywhere. delightful, sweet, like a little waltz. I enjoy this one thoroughly. 3.9
Tea Image 10 Czar Nikolas II Renaissance Soft... but perfect in its own way. Blue mallow flowers make you feel relaxed and maybe slightly sedated. I feel like I am in a meadow at dusk after a long hike, and this is what would put me to sleep. A magical elixir of flowers for the soul and heart. 3.5
Tea Image 10 Premium Ivan-Tea Lingonberry & Herbs This was my first time experiencing fermented fireweed tea. It's ingredients are as follows: fermented Ivan-tea leaves, cranberries leaves, stevia, rose hips, cranberries. It makes me feel like I am deep in the forest, and I can smell pines and firs. A dusting of snow on the ground. A smoky campfire. This is a tea to strengthen you for a journey. It tastes like the woods. 3.6