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Down the mountainous path, you've reached the village. Here are those I converse with or fancy.

button description
Image 6 Vashti. A brilliant writer. I am always checking back to read anything they have to write, they are so eloquent!
Image 6 curiosity cabinet of the archivist Lord Cap Stasher. projects, links to sacred texts, and more.
Image 6 🚬 frankenstein surgical heaven angel
absolutely adore their photography, thoughts, and links
fog filled realm, Yokoyama Matsusaburo photographs, film, projects, and more
Image 6 dithered rose tinted paradise
Image 5 alice's corner, I really enjoy her poetry, and the main image of the girl on her homepage is mesmerizing.
Image 6 are you a weary traveler? seek solace here...if you're not afraid of the dark, that is.
Image 6 absolutely, incredible stoneware work done by meeka. I highly recommend perusing her creations. they are so lovely!.
Image 6 website of Min. beautiful design. has links on Buddhism, history, biological lecture notes, and journaling.
Image 6 my favorite page is with the hands.
Image 6 travel to a glowing, slow motion city filled with great music and more content that soothes the brain.
Image 6 aliens and more
Image 6 Domain of curator and people-painter Newt. Gorgeous color scheme. Articulate, wonderfully written essays on various topics, cabinet of curiosities, a thick atlas filled with links that are a joy to explore, and he also creates mesmerizing art.
Image 6 Mademoiselle Sue's darling manor. To me, it smells of perfumed floral powder, and I can hear birds chirping. Sewing projects, wardrobe display, dolls, recipes, and more.
Image 6 The cluttered, yet organized paradox of Myrrh. Navigate through objects to find your way through their lovely art and writings.
Image 6 Absolutely gorgeous castle.
Image 6 This is the entrance to a quaint forest cottage. Sarah is an absolutely lovely witch. Go on then, have some tea with her.
Image 6 Blue's domain... gorgeous layout, a wonderful human being. I adore their journals and especially their poetry. When you are there, you feel you are floating in space with them.
Image 6 a burnt angel with cries and calls that echo into the heavens as well down to the subterranean depths. won't you visit and see inside the depths of their psyche?
Image 6 Chey's little nook. I especially love her shrine page with the knight. Visiting her site, you cannot help but smile. She radiates such lovely energy.
Image 6 The star-realm of UA. Entering, a cool wave of violet envelopes you. My favorite area is where UA shares their photos the night sky - you feel like you are gazing at the universe with them!
Image 6 Beautiful domain of Lillith. Her sewing projects are gorgeous, and she has such talent! But this site is much more than that, notes on manuscripts, a beautiful medieval theme, (and do look at her lovely kitty cats, they are so darling). Go on then, who knew Hell could be this comforting?
Image 6 glass heart, website of Phoenix, cozy cozy red blue and black theme, concise and pretty
Image 6 minimal, lovely design. film reviews, journaling, and more.
Image 6 misty, hazy nook of Trinity. great taste in tunes and a lovely place to visit.
Image 6 lovely minimal site of emmie. pleasing to the eyes
Image 6 mathematical, pink site of Sophia. math, history, computers and medicine. her blogs are very intriguing.
Image 6 a game [?]
love love love
technology, web projects, beautiful design
pixel artistry, image applications, googles, ascii lab
stream of consciousness, thoughts on afterlife / past life / soulmate, hued violet, intriguing
joey! it is joey's space. experiments with css, films, music, photographs
multi medium artist, writer, absolutely love their digital archive
i love mold
minimal and beautiful
gorgeous old web feel, very soothing site
blushing pink paradise - tea time, thrift blog, microblog, art, writing. very lovely!
chronodoves button there's misty blue fog here, the howling of wolves, yet in this cave there is a sense of solace.
such a beautiful site, I love their photography, and the essence is fun and inviting.
personal writings, hobbies, essays - beautiful graphics
phenomenal photography, web museum, art. calm color scheme
huge fan of their link page and journal. they are also very talented.
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Webrings & Societies

Fellowships I am a part of.

Webring Information
Image 5 mycelium network, explore to your desire. I adore mushrooms.
Image 5 Lady Nymph is the princess of dimensional realms!
Image 5 𓅞𓏏𓏭 𓀭 Thoth watches over this website
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Cave Paths

What will thee find here?

Pathway Information
machine elves "(...) there are many of them and they come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate, but then they do a very disconcerting thing, which is they jump into your body and then they jump back out again and the whole thing is going on in a high-speed mode where you're being presented with thousands of details per second and you can't get ahold on [them ...] "
hilbert curve I have had many dreams and visions concerning the Hilbert curve. 彼らは私の心の中にいます
star map you can learn about so many stars here! it is absolutely lovely.
occult anatomy anatomical chart of chakras, hermeticism, and more - including the flower of life
eye of horus little library index of energy work, philosophy, mythology, religion, and esoterica
sacred texts archive archive of texts on alchemy, astrology, religions, and esoterica
The Egyptian Book of the Dead Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge
Postbox Garden An image board that posts only from tangible letters sent.
Montalk If you are into this. Then you will enjoy. Matrix, gnosis, and conspiracy. ご自身の責任で読んでください。 割り引いて考えてください...多分。
"The goal of this wiki is to document events which are likely to get memoryholed (forced to be forgotten) in the future." Run by Capstasher Occult texts library with 2,051 and counting files.
Twilit Grotto Archives of Western Esoterica.
Afterlife Knowledge "The Afterlife is an area of human consciousness we all enter upon leaving the physical world at physical death. It is also the area we enter when unconscious, as in sleep."
Jung Circle "Welcome to Jung Circle, a temenos, or Sacred Sphere in which we celebrate the holistic vision of C.G.Jung; a place where anything can happen and where Mercurius reigns supreme."
Spiritual Travel "This site introduces the concept of spiritual travel." Spiritual travel, sacred light, shamanism, and so on.
E.C.C.O. human brain and the mind... once you understand e.c.c.o., you will see
The Library of Halexandria "Halexandria is a Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness..."

Credit Where Credit is Due

artisans and the sort

Artisan Information
snail's pngs delightful mortal who dabbles in png creation
muchomago a wizard with photo sorcery and the ability to make sounds for dungeons
Darken Wood Darken Wood, a brilliant music maker. I have purchased their whole discography. You can lend an ear to my favorite album, 'V', in the link.
Cryo Crypt Another brilliant music wizard. I have linked my favorite album, 'Grayshadow Ruins'. Great for adventures into a misty forest or cave.
YAMAMOTO MASAO brilliant photographer, hazy and misty scenes, nude / landscape and more
Magical Contamination magical contamination: mould as art by antoine bridier-nahmias. stunning.